Initially our farm was made up of wild plots of land, brambles, reforestation and problems of hydrogeological instability. Other plots of land, instead, came from years of conventional agriculture, focused on alternating wheat and sunflower. They had been largely exploited and depleted of organic substance.

In our work we are inspired by the principles of natural agriculture. We try to protect and restore the fertility of the ground and the well-being of plants. We avoid chemical substances and put into practice farming techniques as sustainable as possible: organic fertilisers and careful work of the land.

Our main aim is to promote biodiversity through the diversification of crops, giving priority to ancient varieties or those at risk of genetic erosion.

Our products

Lavandula Officinalis Essential Oil 10ml


Lavanda Hybrida Essential Oil 10 ml


Thymus Vulgaris Essential Oil 10 ml


Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil 10 ml


Salvia Officinalis Essential Oil 10 ml


Rosmarinus Officinalis Essential Oil 10 ml


Lavandula Officinalis Hydrolat 250 ml


Lavanda Hybrida Hydrolat 1000 ml


Thymus Vulgaris Hydrolat 250 ml


Helichrysum Italicum Hydrolat 250 ml


Rosmarinus Officinalis Hydrolat 250 ml


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