Our Project


With this in mind, initially, we have undertaken a travel among small farming communities. We have thus become familiar with the principles of permaculture, of natural agriculture and of living following the pace of the seasons. We have been WWOOFers, farm labourers, great readers of agronomic literature, and travelers, looking for a place for us where to start our project.

After two years of training and research, we have arrived almost by accident on the Sibillini Mountains. This area previously unknown to us has charmed us immediately and soon convinced us to put down roots here. So now you can find us in Smerillo!

AMARGI, our project, literally means “return to the mother”.

This is historically the first word used to express the idea of freedom.

For us, buying this abandoned farm in Smerillo, where we work and live, has been the first step in our attempt of putting into practice actions towards a sustainable life at low environmental impact. Our aim is not to threaten the natural resources but to protect and preserve them, and to foster egalitarian economic systems while promoting cultural richness.

After different experiences, university, work and travels, we have decided to devote ourselves to the care of the earth and its animals.